About the Sprinter Web Site

This site was built to help develop and document a proposal to expand access to the Silicon Valley BART System beyond Diridon Station in San Jose by using technology equivalent to that being used for the East Contra Costa BART Extension (eBART).

This is a volunteer effort by local “interested citizens” who live in Santa Clara County and are concerned about the future of mass transit in our area and is not supported or funded by any organization.

Current Status of the Sprinter Proposal

The Sprinter proposal made it to the VTA “unconstrained projects list” that was approved by the VTA Board of directors on October 1, 2015.  It is project 45 “Alviso to Blossom Hill DMU service” on the Transit Projects list.  Page five of the PDF report.


See page five of the PDF report.

Total VTA budget:  $530M
$250M for tracks and stations
$50M for the trains
$230M for 20 years of operations & maintenance.

Support for this Web Site

This site is maintained by eQuoria, which is headquartered in the Heart of the Silicon Valley, San Jose, California.

To contact us:

[eeb_email email=”RVanCleef@eQuoria.com” display=”Robert Van Cleef”]
88 S 3rd Street #231
San Jose, CA 95113



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