The Sprinter concept was introduced in late 2014 shortly after the VTA announced that there was a $2.5B budget shortfall for BART Phase II as a result of which they were considering dropping the Santa Clara and Alum Rock BART stations.

The alternative being proposed consists of the following elements:

  • Reduction of the BART Phase II budget from $4.3B to $3.0B by eliminating 2 miles of tunnel ($400M), the Newhall Heavy Maintenance Facility ($500M) and the Santa Clara BART station ($400M).
  • Addition of a BART extension similar to eBART ($300M) that not only connects Diridon to Santa Clara but also extends the line to Alviso in the north and Edenvale in the south.

VTA Sprinter Route Map



Executive Summary — 2 Comments

  1. We do not want your Bart stopping in the town of Alviso. Make your stop in Santa Clara or elsewhere. We don’t need this stopping here.

    • Hi Sarah,
      We do not plan to stop in downtown Alviso. The plan is to continue right through and take the branch to the water recycling facility and land somewhere between Los Esteros and Nortech Parkway. Would that be OK or are you totally opposed to any kind of rail anywhere in Alviso period?